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Morning room, Installed
Morning room, Installed
Found chairs, scrap garments, crocheted wool, cardboard, plaster, paint

The work in "Morning Room" comes together around themes of domesticity, grief, death and time's passing. An installation consists of two chairs placed equidistantly from a central crocheted rainbow wool rectangle that seems to hang curtain like from a turquoise decorative valence. Attached in the center of the curtain is a black cloud shaped handstitched pillow, wildly patched out of scraps the artists worn black castaway garments. In front of the composed arrangement, three wildly painted plaster stanchions stand in front with a velvety scalloped sewn rope between them.

From the artists: "I was compelled to evoke the stanchions of the museum, like one might see in the Isabella Stuart Gardner, for viewing. Like a wonky guide rail, that would keep the viewer in a cold and reflective space, except that the provisional nature of these handmade and off-kilter guide rails is their own undoing. It is my own processing about the desire to find calm/safe/mediated distance and the actual reality of the messy connectedness of the world as it is experienced.”